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Easter is about death and resurrection. A seed has to relent and break from its old pattern of existence in order for the tree to sprout from it. Wherever you are in life, I hope this album gives you a sense that you are not alone in the process of continual growth – of our dying and rising to new life.



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On and On:


Lovely Drive:


Stand and Fight:

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Seafarer Releases

June, 2018: Seafarer

About the album:
“Love adrift in waves of chaos.” This album is one of my most humbling accomplishments. Each track stands out in its own place and yet carries the theme boldly on; that we are all adrift in love looking for home. From the light harmonies of “Good Winter” to the haunting harmonies in “Cataclysm” I absolutely love this and hope that you will too.


*Free Download*

December, 2017: Carry You Home (single)

About the song:
“There are many memories that were so lovely I simply cannot erase them from my mind. A lot of them are in this. Many thanks to Cryztal Grid for producing this one. It’s always a pleasure working with them. They’re energy elevated this track to the next level.

*Free Download*

November, 2017: On Fire

About the song:
“This song is a thing of its own. It is an incredible thing to work with Cryztal Grid. I’m grateful for this track.” – Noah


April, 2017: Until Our Day

About the album:
“I needed to shed the weight of the past and needed to do it quickly. This album is the reconciliation of a lot of my thoughts both historical and present in me at the time. Listening back, I hear a lot of space where the dynamics could be enhanced or filled in – but the heart of it is intact. It was a hell of a good start after a long time of radio silence.”